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Agricultural Incineration


Agricultural Incineration

Discover M&S Combustion’s cutting-edge Agricultural Incineration services, dedicated to ensuring the biosecurity and environmental sustainability of farms. Our incinerators offer safe and efficient disposal of agricultural waste, from animal byproducts to fallen stock carcasses. Navigate regulatory standards seamlessly with our expert assistance, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. Tailored to your specifications, our incinerators redefine waste management in agriculture, promoting a healthier future for both farms and the planet.

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Agrisecure Management

Effective Agricultural Waste Management for Biosecurity

Mismanagement of agricultural waste, including animal byproducts, can lead to severe consequences for both livestock and the environment which is why proper handling of waste is crucial to ensure biosecurity and prevent the spread of diseases, viruses and infections.

We recognise the critical importance of safeguarding farms and agricultural businesses against these risks. Our industry specific agricultural incineration solutions provide a safe, efficient, and eco-conscious method for managing agricultural waste, promoting biosecurity and environmental responsibility.

Agricultural Compliance

Compliance and Quality Assurance for Agricultural Waste Disposal

Our dedication to compliance and quality is evident in our incinerators, which undergo rigorous approval processes. Our incinerators meet the highest standards, ensuring their suitability for farm waste incineration, Animal By-Products (ABP) disposal, and fallen stock carcass disposal. This guarantees that our agricultural incinerators adhere to governmental regulations, providing agricultural businesses with the assurance of compliance and reliability.

Streamlining Compliance

Navigating Regulatory Standards for Agricultural Waste Incineration

Navigating the application process for Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) compliance can be complex. We understand the intricacies of these regulatory standards and assist agricultural businesses throughout the approvals process. We guide clients ensuring the necessary paperwork and procedures are completed accurately.

By collaborating closely with our clients, we improve the approvals process, making it accessible and minimise hassle. With our support, agricultural businesses can navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence, enabling them to focus on their operations while we handle the compliance requirements.

Agricultural Eco-Security

Biosecurity and Environmental Impact

Proper agricultural waste management is not only about biosecurity but also environmental sustainability. Incineration plays a pivotal role in maintaining biosecurity within agricultural environments by eliminating disease vectors and preventing the spread of infections. Additionally, our incineration solutions contribute to environmental sustainability.

By reducing the carbon footprint associated with waste disposal, we promote eco-friendly practices in the agricultural sector. Choosing our agricultural incinerators means embracing a solution that not only enhances biosecurity but also aligns with the principles of environmental conservation, ensuring a healthier future for both agriculture and the planet.

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